Fairycookies in DCON Booth:533 with @refreshmenttoy Release Part.1

TOKUITEN特異点=Indie sofubi+Fairycookies+Local Culture. Tokuiten have been hold from 2019. Fairycookies is organizer of TOKUITEN. Every year we will invite indie sofubi artist. If you’re interested in indie sofubi, you MUST check it.

Lottery Rule
1. Lottery items will display from VIP night. Please come to booth:533 and take item picture.
2. Make post or story in IG.
3. DM the number you need to Fairycookies. You could choice more than one item.
4. We will contact winner in Dec 16th 4PM.

 Special Thanks @DeharaYukinori @LeeeeeeToy 
Set A 小熊獸and蝴蝶大叔, Set B 漁汁男and恐龍女
First come first serve, Very limited offer One person one set

Most of items only have one or two pieces. Don’t MISS them!
SLINGSHOT SUPPLY CO. : Gamuboru Finks  tokuitentw_1687428634_3130700754711824478_17563157995-PhotoRoom-PhotoRoom (2)
METEORITE TOY: R74tokuitentw_1687428634_3130700754711824478_17563157995-PhotoRoom-PhotoRoom (1)
TRASH TALK TOYS: OUTLAW KAIJU, Mole Tanktokuitentw_1687428634_3130700754711824478_17563157995-PhotoRoom-PhotoRoom (9)tokuitentw_1687428634_3130700754711824478_17563157995-PhotoRoom-PhotoRoom (8)
PICOPICO: kaijudaiohtokuitentw_1687428634_3130700754711824478_17563157995-PhotoRoom-PhotoRoom (3) 
A.C.E_ MATO15: メカ野球忍者tokuitentw_1687428634_3130700754711824478_17563157995-PhotoRoom-PhotoRoom (7)
TRACTOR INC.: SLAVE GRAVE marbletokuitentw_1687428634_3130700754711824478_17563157995-PhotoRoom-PhotoRoom (6)
大王玩具: 瓶女, 電子薩滿tokuitentw_1687428634_3130700754711824478_17563157995-PhotoRoom-PhotoRoom (4)tokuitentw_1687428634_3130700754711824478_17563157995-PhotoRoom-PhotoRoom (5)

ALL CASH ONLY! See you soon in DCON Booth: 533
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