Fairycookies Brand introduction in DCON Booth:533 with @refreshmenttoy

Fairycookies in DCON Booth:533 with @refreshmenttoy

As a curator, shop and sofubi collector, there are a lot of interesting things that we would like to share with you. We would like to show you how talent Taiwan artists are. Sofubi brands have more possibilities. Except Kaiju and Tokusatsu, there is the brand we would like to let you know. Last ILUILU is the name that you have to know as a sofubi fan!

@aksoulmuch AKSOULMUCH
AKSOULMUCH is a duo of designers based in Taiwan, consisting of Aalis Shen and Kenneth Yu. Their inspiration comes from pop culture and moments of daily life. They make damn cute toys! Aalis and Kenneth combine their talents in order to destroy all the bad moods.

The word ”SOUL“ represents sincere emotions, while ”MUCH“ means abundance. Together, AKSOULMUCH represents a brand spirit of ”abundant sincere emotions“. The name also phonetically sounds like ”SO MUCH“, which emphasizes the idea of having an abundance of joyful moments.
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@sofvips SOFVIPS
SOFVIPS is sub brand from electric toys. SOFVIPS is making a lot of classic characters as sofubi. crayon shin-chan, Sonic, Mega man and more. If you’re sofubi lover, you can’t miss this brand. We brought some their famous character to display in DCON! Welcome to check them.
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ILUILU @kramuzu
One of sofubi collector dream brands: ILUILU。Let ILUILU take us back to the golden past that you have no chance to live with. The most of collectors only saw picture online. We‘re lucky to have one. We would like to share this master piece with you.
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